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  1. #1 Cops: Duo Took "Selfie" With Pal Who Died Of OD 
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    AUGUST 28--After their friend apparently died of a drug overdose, two Missouri residents posed for a “selfie” with the corpse, an image that one of them later uploaded to Facebook after dumping the body on a rural road, according to police.

    As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Chelsie Berry, 24, told cops that she was driving around with Dennis “Nathan” Meyer last week when he began acting “crazy” after injecting himself with the pain killer Dilaudid.
    Claiming that she was “nervous” around the unstable Meyer, Berry (seen at right) said that she called one of his friends, Jared Prier, whom she had met the prior evening. Prier, 28, picked up Berry at a McDonald’s and they “hung out in the parking lot for a little bit.” Meyer, Berry said, was “passed out.”
    After driving to a convenience store, Prier told Berry that “he believed that Nathan had quit breathing.” Berry told cops that she “checked Nathan and did not think he was breathing either.
    Pffffffffffffffffffffff! Buh Bye Big Ears
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  2. #2 Now that's some hardcore dumbassery.... 
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    And a serious lack of humanity, too.
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    The pic on the right is of a woman?

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