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    IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Two

    "Read the internals they contain some very interesting data that looks good for Mc Cain !"

    Obama holds a slim 3-point lead over McCain, the IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll shows. McCain has underperformed with key GOP groups compared with President Bush in 2004: conservatives (Bush=75% vs. McCain=67%); Catholics (Bush=50% vs. McCain=42%); investors (Bush=53% vs. McCain=46%).

    Q: If the 2008 election for U.S. president were held today and the following were candidates, for whom would you vote? Would you say Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain?

    About IBD/TIPP: An analysis of Final Certified Results for the 2004 election showed IBD's polling partner, TIPP, was the most accurate pollster of the campaign season. Learn more at

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    What was the MOE on that one, Megi?

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    The sample size is almost comical, 825 participants over the course of 7 days.

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