A talking kitchen guide made by video game brand Nintendo could spell the end of the traditional cook book.
Instead of poring over dog-eared copies of Elizabeth David or Jamie Oliver with flour-covered fingers, the new computerised guide promises wannabe chefs "hands-free" advice.

With hundreds of recipes from around the world already programmed in, it talks users through each step, as well as helping them with everything from controlling calories to compiling a shopping list.

Makers believe it could do to the cook book what satellite navigation did to the traditional road map.

Designed for Nintendo's DS console, "Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?" is based on a virtual cooking game which was a runaway success in Japan.

Rather than leafing through books, stressed cooks can simple type in what they want to eat and chose from a variety of suitable recipes.

The device can make calculations to adjust portions, alter recipes for slimmers or even work out the cost of the weekly shop.


I can't see this replacing my collection of cookbooks part of the pleasure of cooking is leafing through the recipes in advance.