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    Mildly amusing. Complete with moonbat talking points from a Republican neighbor, and even "very racist" relatives who will vote for Obama.

    undeterred (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:14 PM
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    Republican neighbors are voting for Obama!
    Advertisements [?]This morning I ran into the person who owns the house next door, which has been on the market for over a year. (She and her husband live elsewhere but her son still lives there.) I jokingly told her that I was going to miss having opposing yard signs this year- I would always wait to see which Republican candidates they put up yard signs for and put up signs for the opposing Democratic candidates.

    She said, "Well you'd have to get a McCain sign this year, because we're all voting for Obama". My jaw dropped. She and her husband run a tavern where they actually host a lot of fundraisers, including some for Republican political candidates. She said "After 8 years of Bush, we can't afford any more Republican presidents. McCain is no different than Bush, and Sarah Palin is no more qualified to be President than I am".

    In the past I always thought of them as small business owners who thought voting Republican would make them rich. She said she has lost a lot of investment money and that the Republicans can't be trusted. She is fiercely angry at Bush.

    And- she has talked every one of her relatives, including some who are very racist, into voting for Obama. She is not really into politics, she's just a very common sense kind of person who figured out what's going on.

    Her whole extended family (which has always voted Republican) is voting for Obama, and they are voting early.
    Some bonus material:
    undeterred (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:26 PM
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    4. I was really happy
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    because I know she talks to her customers too.

    She said she's had to explain Obama's mixed race and Christian religion many times. Then she said - what does it matter? If you listen to him you can tell he's incredibly smart, kind of like Bill Clinton. And the country was doing a lot better under Clinton than it is now.
    Of course, it's lapped up by the dingbat DUmmies:
    Mme. Defarge (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:20 PM
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    2. K&R!
    tsegat01 (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:21 PM
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    3. Finally
    people are starting to vote for their own best interests. All the rhetoric in the world can't change a P&L statement. Republicans are BAD for most businesses!

    Good for your neighbors!

    tsegat01 (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:58 PM
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    11. Oh that is cool
    "What does it matter? If you listen to him you can tell he's incredibly smart" - doesn't sound like a republican. I think there is hope for us yet!
    Dawgs (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:38 PM
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    6. How come we see 3/4 of these stories every day, but not one of Kerry supporters voting McCain?
    Me thinks that Obama will win easily.
    Because they're made up, you dimwit.

    bushwentawol (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-16-08 01:43 PM
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    7. That's great to hear!
    It would be nice if you lived in one of those swing states. I would think there's many more like her out there thinking the same thing.
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