Formerly living voters line up at an ACORN get-out-the-vote rally.

A new Zogby poll among likely voters shows that Barack Obama has taken a commanding lead among dead, or "Formerly Living" voters in several key swing states by margins of as much as 90%. Analysts attribute this lead to an extraordinary outreach by advocacy groups such as ACORN, which have been focusing their efforts on new voter registrations in this previously underserved community, as well as specific concerns that the formerly living have expressed to pollsters. Speaking anonymously, a Chicago alderman stated that the formerly living have always been seen as a key constituency in this critical state, and have often played a major role in picking winners in Illinois politics.

The overwhelming majority of formerly living voters expressed admiration for Obama's intelligence, citing "Braaaaaaaaaaaaiiins" as their number one concern, followed by the economy, health care and decomposition.

The poll had a margin of error of +/- 17%. A Zogby spokesman explained the high error percentage on the number of pollsters who were devoured prior to posting their results.