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Without the poor to draw from, the favorite pass-time of every Republican administration, military intervention in minor foreign countries, wouldn’t be possible. That is how Republicans put the poor to work.
Yeah, we're just a bunch of poor white trash and minority kids. I'm amazed that we even passed the ASVAB.

In fact, the vast majority of us come from the middle class, mostly because the rich won't serve and the poor don't have the skills to join up. The ones who do come from the poorest strata tend to be the most motivated and intelligent, kids who have managed to survive crappy schools where liberal teachers make sure that they know how to use a condom, even if they can't count the number in the package. The John Kerry's of the world like to look down their noses at us, because it makes them seem superior, but I'd trust any random troopie from FT Hood with my life (in fact, that's part of the job description) before I'd trust anyone from this year's freshman class at Harvard or Yale.