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I will always be against abortion except for incest/rape/health of the mother, until men have legal abortion rights too. If that happens, then I might change my tune. But for now it is totally unequal, thus why I am against it.
Interesting... correct me if I'm wrong, but this really seems like a position of spite. Sort of like a jilted lover killing the new love interest of her ex.... if she can't have him, no one can.

This is a pretty hairy issue... but over all I think I side with the would-be mothers. The woman is the one who has to bear the consequences more irrevocably than the man... she's the one who has to risk her body, and carry the baby to term... therefore it's her decision. True, the man may have to pay child support even if he wants the baby aborted... but as the abortion prohibitionists like to say... he had a choice before he stuck it in;).