I wonder if they are a DUmmie?

Hartford police say Israel Gomez was pretending to be one of them early today when he got a harsh surprise.

Gomez, 20, was cruising down Franklin Avenue in a 1994 Honda Civic tricked out with red and blue strobe lights, a siren and a loud speaker. Driving behind a car near South Street, he turned on his flashing lights and sounded the siren. Gomez drove up to the right side of the car, and using his loud speaker, ordered the driver to pull over, police said. A second car, which police said was driven by an accomplice of Gomez, pulled up on the left side of the car Gomez had stopped.

What Gomez and his accomplice, Esteban Cardona, 20, didn't know, police said, was that they had targeted a real police officer -- off-duty Hartford police Lt. Ronald Bair. The pursued became the pursuer. Bair followed the two cars south on Franklin Avenue, called for assistance and confronted the two men near Hanmer Street.

Gomez, of 586 Franklin Ave., was charged with impersonating a police officer, reckless driving and improper use of red flashing lights. Cardona, of 20 Victoria Road, was charged with reckless driving. Both men were released from custody.