ReverendDeuce (776 posts) Fri Jun-13-08 09:03 PM
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Who should replace Russert on MTP? One candidate only: Keith Olbermann...
My girlfriend and I are absolute political junkers. We are NBC fans and have been for years. We watch Tim Russert religiously every Sunday while I make pancakes.

We were watching the coverage tonight and were thinking amongst ourselves about who will ultimately replace Tim Russert as host of Meet the Press. I was thinking about all the names I saw on here. Shuster, Gregory, Mitchell, Matthews...

Then she looked at me and said "I know who it should be." and I said "Who?" She replied "He's talking right now." I looked up and it was Keith. And she doesn't even like Olbermann that much.

But we both agree that Keith is the one who should pick up the show. He's articulate, asks extremely poignant questions, and is brutally honest. Of course, he'd need to tame his flame a bit on Sunday mornings, and put on the so-called "partisan to the truth" hat. But I think if anyone can do it, he has the charisma and the ability to pull it off in the grand Russert tradition.


DUers really don't get that Keef is a nutcase and Meet The Press would FOLD.