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    The truth hurts. Especially when you laugh too hard at it. :)
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    Party responsibly!

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    Those are great.:D
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    There’s a man walking home alone at night, and there is a


    behind him. He walks faster and looks back, making out an image of an upright coffin banging it’s way down the middle of the street towards him…


    The man begins to run towards his home, and the coffin bounces after him faster…faster…


    He runs up to his door, fumbles with his keys, opens the door… locks it…and the coffin crashes through his door and the lid to the coffin begins to lift open, bumping towards him.

    The man runs to the bathroom and locks himself, heart pounding, and


    the coffin breaks down the door, coming slowly towards him, the man screaming…

    the man reaches for something, anything…

    and he finds a box of cough drops and throws them at the coffin…


    (wait for it)

    the coffin stops?.
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