"It looks like it's too 'hot in the kitchen' for Gumby so it's off to Grandma's house he go's !"

Lo and Behold, It seems that the Democratic Party Leadership is realizing just how arrogant and juvenile Gumby is and are echoing what PUMAs were trying to tell the superdelegates before the convention. Barack Obama is in denial and is going to lose this election in November.

I once wrote that Gumby should never gotten down off the porch to play with the big dogs, and now America and the Democratic Party are seeing why.

It is not at all amazing to me that I read this article in the Telegraph UK, and it is not amazing to me that the Dems are having canaries about Bambi’s campaign style. What is amazing is that so many PUMAs and Just Say No Deal Coalitioners could have been so incredibly right about the junior senator from Illinois and the DNC leadership could still try to force this fool on the American public and actually think he could win the White House.

Barack Obama and his senior advisers are under fire for ignoring the advice of Democratic senators and governors who are concerned that they do not know how to beat John McCain.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s slump in the polls has sparked pointed private criticism that he is squandering a once-in-a-generation chance to win back the White House.

I take issue with that; I think the Dem Party under the leadership of Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Brazile squandered a once-in-a-generation chance to win back the White House when they kicked Hillary Clinton to the curb and installed this spineless, arrogant, Chicago Style Politics as usual, empty chair. Hillary would have had a ferocious battle to win the White House. It would not have been a cake walk, but she would have won. Now we are watching the gradual slide into oblivion for the Democratic Party’s selected candidate.

Party elders also believe the Obama camp is in denial about warnings from Democratic pollsters that his true standing is four to six points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters - something that would put him a long way behind Mr McCain.

What have I and other PUMAs been saying? That Bambi polls below his reported numbers? I hate having to wait for some newspaper to print what astute PUMAs have been saying for most of the year.

A senior Democratic strategist, who has played a prominent role in two presidential campaigns, told The Sunday Telegraph: “These guys are on the verge of blowing the greatest gimme in the history of American politics. They’re the most arrogant bunch Ive ever seen. They won’t accept that they are losing and they won’t listen.”

Arrogant…….hmmm….sounds pretty juvenile to me.

Others concede that his trip to Europe was a distraction that enhanced his celebrity status rather than his electability on Main Street, USA.


Mr Obama has never won an electoral contest against a strong Republican candidate. David Axelrod, his chief strategist has been hailed as a political genius for beating the Clinton machine, but Democrats now point out that he has never run a successful campaign in the heartland states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia, which will decide the election. His expertise is in mobilising young, educated and black voters in urban areas.

Oh please, let’s be serious. Bambi’s standard operating procedure during elections is to have his opponents knocked off the ballot so that he ends up running unopposed. He single handedly defeated the Clinton Machine so never winning an electoral contest against a strong Republican candidate should not be that big a deal, right? Oh, sorry, going to be really hard to get the completely vetted, prisoner of war, country first, John McCain off the ballot, so let’s try to get Sarah Palin knocked off the ticket for being a bad mom, a religious kook and a small town mayor with no real experience. Maybe that will work.

Also, David Axelrod as a “political genius” for beating the Clinton machine is completely laughable. The reason Hillary was “beaten” was due to caucus fraud, superdelegate payoffs, disenfranchisement of two huge states that would have put Hillary ahead in the delegate count, and the sham roll call vote in Denver. Let’s be honest, I think all of that really probably belongs to the “political genius” of Donna Brazile and her email buddy, Karl Rove.

Party elders are also studying internal polling material which warns the Obama camp that his true standing is worse than it appears in polls because voters lie to polling companies about their reluctance to vote for a black candidate. The phenomenon is known in the US as the Bradley effect, after Tom Bradley, a black candidate for governor of California who lost after leading comfortably in polls.

The strategist said: “I’ve seen memos where they’ve been told to factor in four to six points for the Bradley effect, but they’re in denial about it.

I know I remember writing that down a couple of times…….

The one thing everyone agrees the Obama camp have woken up to is the toxic effect on their chances of Mrs Palin’s arrival on the national scene. Polls show that white women voters, attracted to her down home virtues, now support Mr McCain by a margin of 12 points, the same lead among white women that George W. Bush enjoyed over John Kerry in 2004. Until recently, Mr Obama led among that group of voters by six points.

So we are talking about an 18 point slide away from “The One” by white women. Isn’t that a significant part of Hillary Clinton’s true democratic base? The old, fat, menopausal white women? The base that they did not need anymore because the Democratic Party is “urban” now.

The Republican strategist Dan Schnur said that the effect was to repel blue collar, family-oriented voters. “They didn’t like Obama in the primaries and voted for Hillary. And they still don’t like him now so they’re voting for Palin.

“Obama can still win these voters over, but his difficulty in establishing an emotional connection with them is probably his greatest challenge between now and election day.”

Dream on….once again underestimating your average, run of the mill, everyday PUMA, and underestimating the hubris of the candidate. He will not even be trying to establish a connection because he does not think he needs to. He does not need the democratic party base to win this election. Just ask Donna Brazile. Gumby was coddled by the DNC leadership during the primaries and now he has no clue how to do battle with the Republicans. He was given a pass by the DNC and the MSM, and Hillary’s hands were tied behind her back. Thanks Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile and all you absolutely wonderful Superdelegates for creating this campaign that is going down in flames.

But it is a measure of his plight that the man who derailed the ambitions of Mrs Clinton, the most powerful woman in Democratic politics, now needs help from her husband to overcome the popularity of another alpha female who may be an even greater risk to his White House ambitions.

I get really tired of the MSM writing that Gumby derailed Hillary Clinton. It is implied that Bambi actually is somehow, some way, some kind of superhero by “defeating” Hillary Clinton all by his lonesome. We know the truth; the superdelegates carried this empty chair across the finish line and the DNC leadership made sure it stuck.