Here's two nincompoops spreading the falsehood without a hint of discernment:

And here's the truth:

The e-mail comes as the NRCC has opted not to purchase advertising time it had reserved for Bachmann’s race.

The NRCC sent a memo Thursday making the case that it was not abandoning candidates like Bachmann when it does not purchase ad time that it has reserved.

“There are more paths to victory for Republican candidates than we have money to fund,” spokeswoman Karen Hanretty said in the e-mail. “Some candidates, like Congresswoman Bachmann, are sitting on more than $1 million cash on hand in districts that President Bush won in 2004 by double digits.”

A spokesman for the NRCC said Friday that the committee stands by Bachmann.

“We think Michelle Bachmann is a great conservative, and we want to see her come back to Washington and keep fighting for lower taxes, smaller government, family values and personal freedoms,” spokesman Brendan Buck said.
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