Entirely based on selfish reasons, of course.

Here's how I look at it.

Currently, the stock market is in a downward trend. When the market does rebound, any stocks I buy today will be worth more. But if I wait until tomorrow to buy, then they will be worth even more.

My salary isn't going to decrease over the next 4 or 8 years, and I work in a steady field.

If I put away the same amount of money into my 401(k) every month, why should I vote for someone who is going to improve the economy? He would just devalue my investments every month.

The only thing I really have to worry about from an Obama presidency is my taxes increasing, and long term capital gains being taxed heavily.

But since the economy will be worse off, a tax increase will be offset by my gains. And I don't expect to realize any long term capital gains until Obama's long gone from the White House.

Really, my only concern is Obama breaking up tax shelters. But he's in the back pockets of enough wall street giants that this isn't likely, or at least, I'll be able to afford an accountant who can help me shelter my savings.

I guess I'm just finally succumbing to the DUmp's argument that I shouldn't "vote against my interests." It seems like voting for the guy who is going to keep the economy down is in my best long-term interests. I just can't see how my economic interests would be advanced by voting for John McCain.