I received one yesterday that has me boiling mad. It's a picture of a woman probably in her 80's, very wrinkled and wearing an apron.

In large print, it says:



It's the typical fear-mongering the Dems do every election, trying to scare the seniors about Social Security privatization.

Then there was the "In 2008, who would be against Equal Pay for Women?"

Of course, it's the evil Republican. They have the quote from Lilly Ledbetter, who worked at some plant, saying, "On the economy, it's John McCain who needs an education".

Of course there's the compulsory picture of McCain scowling and the happy face of the Annointed One, chatting with white people.

I thought Colin Powell chastised the McCain camp for too much negativity. In the bellweather state of Mo, we're getting inundated with Obama hate crap. I dislike Obama more and more each day.

And I have less respectg for Colin Powell each day. I guess he doesn't get this type of mailing at his house. Maybe I should send him some of the lovely mail from the Annointed Messiah. :mad: