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    Obama don't hate white people. He would love to, but half his family is white. He has said himself that he heald contempt for hi white relatives. He has alot of self hate, perhaps he should convert to Judaism. His self loathing would fit in better with the jews anyway.
    I have contempt for a lot of white people, doesnt mean I hate them. Same goes for blacks, hispanics, asians etc. (I dont know any Eskimos though). Just because I dont like some people doesnt mean I make sweeping generalizations about entire races and ethnicities. If I did that I'd be a Republican.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    How much business experience has John McCain by had? By his own admission he doesnt get the economy. Being a crummy pilot is not a reason to make somebody president. Military backgrounds mean jack-shit, theres a reason we have generals.
    This is objectionable on so many levels that it's hard to decide where to start. First off, while I agree that McCain's economic understanding leaves a lot to be desired (for example, he agrees with Obama and Hillary far to often on Cap and Trade, Global Warming, Open Borders and a host of other idiocies), the disparaging of McCain's military service is truly astonishing. As a carrier pilot, he was one of the elite of an already elite force. Carrier landings are among the most dangerous operations in all aviation, requiring tremendous nerve and skill to land a high-performance, supersonic aircraft in what can only be described as a controlled crash. To call him a "crummy pilot" is absurd. Second, while military service is not always a good indicator of presidential capability (Jimmy Carter was a naval officer, after all), the capacity to make difficult decisions under stress is one of the characteristics of leadership. In that area, his flight status notwithstanding, McCain's military service included years of torture by the NVA, during which time he exhibited a strength of character that Barack Obama cannot hope to match. In fact, given how fast Obama has dropped his lifelong associations with his church, his pastor and his radical friends for political expediency, it's unlikely that the NVA would have had to torture him to get him to betray his country, they'd have just shown him how it polled. The man has no spine whatsoever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    Obama ran the most often cited law review in the world, thats executive experience.
    No, it's editorial experience. Executive experience refers to service in the executive branch of government. Both McCain and Obama lack this, unfortunately, but at least McCain has had real responsiblity. The presidency is about administrating the world's largest bureaucracy, executing the laws of the United States, conducting the day to day operations of running the nation and foreign policy. Nothing in Barack Obama's career has prepared him for this. At best, Obama was good at playing the law-school game, but that doesn't make him a great administrator, or even a good leader. As a commander, John McCain has been responsible for the lives of his subordinates in combat and in captivity. That is the ultimate responsibility, far greater than editing articles by law students. Comparing the editorship of the Harvard Law Review to being a carrier pilot and a POW of a barbaric and vicious enemy is laughable.

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    Obama has said nothing about appeasing anyone, do you know what appeasing means?
    I know exactly what it is, but apparently you are in need of a lesson. Appeasement is the policy of accepting the imposed conditions of an aggressor in lieu of armed resistance, usually at the sacrifice of principles, although in the case of Obama, the principles are difficult to identify, beyond a vague belief in hope. Obama doesn't have to use the word in order to conduct himself as an appeaser. His response to global jihad is to withdraw from the battlefield and cede it to the enemy, which is their stated demand. He has said that he will meet, without preconditions, with the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc., despite the fact that these nations are outlaw states that provide support for terrorists, and which have given aid and comfort to those who have murdered Americans. One cannot help but wonder what he hopes to negotiate with Ahmedinejad. Perhaps he would offer our withdrawal from the Middle East in return for a pledge to only wipe half of Israel off of the map?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    Just because I dont like some people doesnt mean I make sweeping generalizations about entire races and ethnicities. If I did that I'd be a Republican.
    So, if you make sweeping generalizations about entire political parties, what does that make you?
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