The Great Prayer Meeting

This week will mark the destiny and future of our country America . In fact, this is to be a week set apart for fasting and prayer.

On Wednesday October 29, a worldwide time for intercession and prayer has been declared. We will repent of our love of money that has taken the place of being a god to us. We will also declare and decree what the word of God says regarding our future.

We must ask God for intervention in our economy and for the stabilization of the economies of the world. We must act on the words spoken in 2 Chronicles by praying in the manner that is described in verse 14.

I invite everyone to stop and pray this week for our country, for the outcome of this election and the future of our economy--all for the purpose of seeing our God move on our behalf. Our God is the God of the mountains and also of the valleys! Let us pray in one accord and speak to this mountain of impossibility and declare life over the "dry bones" of our economy. I will be one of many who will stand on the watch. May we count on you?

Am already fasting and praying, and will continue to do so. We should also pray for miracles upon miracles, and mercy on our Nation, even though we all know we deserve judgment.
Vote as if Judgment Day is on its way....because it is.