Slogan suggestions about Obama

T-shirt ideas for an enterprising Barack Obama supporter:

1. Don't pick your neighbors pocket...elect Obama...he'll do it for you!

2. You're not voting for must be a racist!

3. I'll see your Bin Laden and raise you a Bill Ayers!

4. Barack agrees, "Don't let a baby suck the life out of you, instead, get an abortion doctor to suck the life out of the baby..."

5. Barack Obama's brother has a hut and Barack wants you to have one too!

6. Patriotism is letting Obama/Biden decide how much of your income you should be allowed to keep.

7. No, the d&c abortion procedure was not named in honor of the pro-choice Democrat National Committee

8. ACORN, the liberal get-out-the- vote group accused of voter fraud, never received $800,000 from the Obama campaign...! (that's our story and we're sticking to it)