Here Are Ten Reasons to Turn Out the Vote for Barack Obama (The REAL left comments)
Los Angeles Labor Community Strategy Center

Here Are Ten Reasons to Turn Out the Vote for Barack Obama

1) Because Barack Obama is Black and qualified, Black and liberal, Black and can be elected the first Black president in the United States.

2) Because a Black man is being attacked by a white lynch mob and we have to throw our bodies in front of them and beat them back.
McCain and Palin should be under arrest for encouraging, inciting, aiding, and abetting, racist hate crimes.

3) Because there are differences of life and death significance to our communities between Barack Obama and John McCain.

4) Because John McCain is a war criminal. How do you think McCain ended up in a POW camp in North Vietnam in the first place? Did the North Vietnamese come to the Naval Academy to kidnap him?

5) Because Sarah Palin’s election would turn the women’s movement on its head—Palin is a fascist, a racist, a white separatist, and a misogynist.

6) Because the McCain campaign is an attack on the Left. What will he do to those who will continue to speak and act against the endemic racism of the United States, or to those of us who would study and advocate socialist alternatives to capitalism?

7) Because an Obama victory will be a defeat for the Clintons. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been treacherous opponents of Obama.

8) A victory for Barack Obama will usher in a revolution of rising expectations. He will win over the majority of young people who are more influenced by the victories of the Civil Rights Movement than the crimes of the Klan and the White Citizens Councils.

9) Because I have faith in the Obama supporters, faith in the Black community, faith in the grassroots Left.

10) Because it’s time to act.