The gays and liberals are worried because their own polls are showing that Prop 8 is gaining a lot of momentum. Guess they are having a tough time trying to rigg the polls in their favor....LOL! The gays aren't too happy about Obama's silence. As lacarnut pointed out in the other Prop 8 thread, a lot of blacks are against gay marriage and Obama won't upset his peeps for 2% of the population.

Obamaís Silence Could Pass Proposition 8
by Michael A. Jones

Published October 21, 2008 @ 08:02PM PST

Earlier this month, Ellen DeGeneres was the subject of widespread criticism in the blogosphere and elsewhere, for her lack of contributing any money to defeat Proposition 8, Californiaís statewide ballot measure that would eliminate marriage rights for same-sex couples. Critics said that DeGeneres was showing lackluster support for marriage rights, and that despite the fact that she came out against Prop 8 on her personal blog and on the Tonight Show, her absence from the donation list was sending a message that she just didnít care enough about gay marriage.

DeGeneres has since quelled the criticism by donating $100,000 to fund a public service announcement condemning Prop 8, and urging Californians to vote against it. But the situation raises a serious question for LGBT rights activists:

If we were so quick to go after one of our own for failing to support marriage rights, why arenít we going after the guy at the top of the ticket to come out against Proposition 8?

Barack Obamaís recent silence on Proposition 8 has left a void where there should be some leadership. Polls in California show a close divide over Proposition 8, with a recent Survey USA poll showing 48 percent of California voters in favor of the measure, with 45 percent against. But those numbers donít tell the whole story.

When it comes to African Americans, a voting bloc that Obama wields enormous influence with, black voters favor Proposition 8 by twenty percent Ė 58 percent to 38 percent. With numbers like that, black support could be the critical push for Proposition 8ís passage.

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