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  1. #1 Coral Springs Florida man runs down another man, drags him 2 1/2 miles 
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    Emmanual Carry, the man charged with first-degree murder in the dragging death of another man.
    CORAL SPRINGS - A 42-year-old Coral Springs man accused of running down a man with his car and dragging the victim's body for 2 Ĺ miles has been charged with first-degree murder, Coral Springs Police Sgt. Joe McHugh said Monday.

    Emmanual Carry "intentionally struck" Patrick Dameus, 48, of Coral Springs, several times with his 2005 Honda Element in a parking lot in the 4200 block of Riverside Drive after the two argued shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday, police said.

    Dameus' body became caught in the undercarriage of Carry's vehicle, and was dragged for 2 Ĺ miles as the suspect fled the scene, police said. The body finally became dislodged on State Road 7 just south of Wiles Road.

    "It's an extremely brutal crime. Anyone who intentionally strikes someone with their vehicle, obviously ... they had no remorse at all for human life," McHugh said.

    Dameus was pronounced dead at the scene. Carry was arrested at 6:16 p.m. Sunday at his sister-in-law's home in the 1500 block of Northeast 167th Avenue in North Miami Beach without incident.

    The Honda Element was recovered at the same address where the suspect was found, police said.

    Police still don't know what the men were arguing about, but whatever it was resulted in a murderous attack, McHugh said.

    Carry is being held in the Dade County Jail without bond and will be extradited to Broward County at a later date, McHugh said.

    The case is reminiscent of the June 3, 2007, dragging death of Sandra Hall, 44, who was killed in a road rage incident in North Lauderdale. In that incident, the car Hall was riding in was rear-ended by a minivan, and when she got out to confront the driver, he drove forward, catching her on the hood of his van. When he sped off, she clung to the minivan for a distance, then fell off and got caught beneath the vehicle. Her body was dragged for about two miles.

    Abdelaziz Bilal Hamze, 24, was arrested later in New York and charged with first-degree murder in Hall's death.

    Like Hall, Dameus never had a chance, according to Coral Springs police accounts.

    "The suspect actually struck the victim several times with his car, backed up over him, and then drove over him again," McHugh said.snip,5814778.story
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    HmmmmÖÖ.Much anger in Florida.
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