As many of you know our younger son is the army now. Because we have a family member serving we have been involved in supporting our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan by sending packages and mail.

A little bit ago we were given the name of a young man that had no family. He was in a Cav unit in Iraq. He was not receiving any mail at all from home. He was on his THRID tour of duty in Iraq. A fellow soldier gave his name to his mom who contacted us. We immediately sent out packages and mail.

We got a letter from the young man today and it was very moving. He said our first package was the first piece of mail he ever received from the US. Both Ms G and I had tears in our eyes when we read the letter. We have sent packages to other troops and we usually get a thank you note or letter but this young man open up his heart and we could tell the loneness. It must really be a lonely thing not to be in a combat zone and not have any support from anyone.

He will be well taken care of now, I can assure you.

God Bless our troops.

Support our troops if you can. Where everyone of you live there is some place that is collecting packages and gving out names. Get involved. Don't let a single soldier spend multiple tours in Iraq and never get one letter from the US. We owe them everything.