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Drilling in ANWR alone would not accomplish a whole lot, but it is not ANY single oil field that matters, it is the off limits areas as a whole.

If we were drilling in all of the areas we have available, it would indeed have a significant impact on the world market.
Yep, like the Gulf of Mexico, east and west coast offshore area. The politicians and the Env. are so retarded that they do not have a clue about drilling in these offshore areas. Two monster hurricanes (Katrina & Rita) ripped thru the gulf where many of these rigs are located and NOT A DROP OF OIL WAS SPILLED. The oil spills that have occurred have been due to tankers splitting open. It is much, much safer to drill for oil and transport it by pipelines than it is to ship it in by tankers. From a safety and env. standpoint, it is a no brainer to drill on both coasts in international waters.

We will always be dependent on foreign oil unless we capitalize on every form of energy at every site. With the current rate of idiots we have in DC, it will not happen. Our only hope is that gasoline prices goes up to 10 bucks a gallon; maybe then the electorate will kick out these stupid politicians.