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    How is the pan holding up?
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    All ( most of ) my cookware is cast iron. I have a gas cook top. The great thing about cast iron is, you can also put it in the oven. Best place to find high quality cast iron cookware is at yard sales. By then it's already seasoned, and has that layer of carbon. Look for Lodge or Wagner. Both the best Cast iron cookware ever manufactured ( MADE IN USA ). Now, a steak recipe. Broiler on, oven rack at top of oven. In goes the cast iron frying pan & a spoon of butter. When the butter melts, take the steak & rub it around & coat well in the melted butter. Flip & do the other side. About 5 - 6 minutes on each side; and the cast iron pan holds all the juices, so the steak will never dry out; and you can pour the juices on the steak. Adjust the time according to how thick the steak is. REMEMBER, cast iron can be blazing hot, but you cannot tell by looking at it; SO OVEN GLOVES. Also, NEVER EVER SCRUB cast iron with any abrasives. Wash gently & wipe dry. Do not be concerned about the carbon build up. Any particles that may stick can be scraped loose with a plastic scrapper. "NO ABRASIVES" . If you buy a new cast iron pot or pan, wash & dry & coat it with oil, fat, etc. Stick it in the oven at highest temperature for 1/2 hour to one hour. Helps the seasoning process of the metal. Turn off oven & allow to cool. Normal use will also season the pan. Takes time; but sooner or later , the pan will become black with carbon.
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