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    Dedicated to JB, BC, DS, and all other admirers of my Sunday Threads

    Cloudy here this early morning (for some reason, I'm having a difficult time adjusting back to EDT). We've been having very Florida-like weather here in the Insuranceman's Graveyard, with high temperatures (90s) and afternoon lightning and ...... thunder (sometimes you have to "wait on the thunder"). My girlfriend won't be up for another 4-5 hours, so I'm here, enjoying the solitude, listening to The Moody Blues.

    My new engagement is proving difficult in that it's high-visibility within my own company, and therefore attracting a lot of management hanger-ons who want a piece of the credit if it's successful and to be able to say they warned me if it's not. Moreover, the client personnel are micro-managers, keeping me in meetings 5+ hours a day! Ah, for the days of the late 90s and London again, when/where the projects (and the women) were easy and the scotch flowed in unending torrents. But alas, in order to live the life we chose, many of us spend that life toiling away at tasks we don't chose. And now, The Moody Blues are singing...

    22,000 days, 22,000 days it's not alot,
    It's all you got 22,000 days
    22,000 nights, 22,000 nights, it's all you know
    So start the show and this time
    Feel the flow and get it right
    Which (as you knew it would) brings me to the...

    TOTD: Given the brevity of life, the constant pressure of time, and the imminent spectre of death, what is your main focus, main goal, through which you chose (or would chose if you had the means) to life your life (we'll even make it a poll, but I'll explicate the choices a bit to enhance the poll choice word limit):

    A. Individual-Oriented: You live primarily for yourself and attempt to shape your life so that you gain maximum enjoyment out of it. You sample the finer things (within your individual budget) and you enjoy the pleasures of the flesh

    B. Family-Oriented: You live primarily for your family, your spouse, your children, and your children's children (damn! the ipod just changed to another Moody Blues album). You attempt to build a secure environment and legacy so that they will be taken care of

    C. Humanity-Oriented: You live primarily for the good of the larger group, whether it be your community, your nation, or humanity at large. You attempt, in you daily life, to improve in any way you can, the lot of mankind (personkind?) as a whole

    D. Spiritually-Oriented: You live primarily not for this life, but for the next. You recognize that this life is but a proving ground that tests your faith and prepares you for the true life that lasts for all eternity

    Note from the Management: Due to the fact that this is a Sunday, not a Saturday, thread, there will be no specific JOOOOSSS option provided. Please direct all concerns regarding this matter to Bubba, with a cc to Rob.

    And now, for something completely different, and in order to spruce up this thread a bit with a picture, I will post a totally gratuitous one of my cat, Wilson, in the dryer. I had considered doing a Sunday thread about the cats, but would have had to entitle it Sunday Chat, utilizing the French word, in order for it to audibly alliterate properly. However, I refrained as I felt that if I did that, I ran the risk of being labelled "elitist." :D

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