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  1. #1 NEW VIDEO: top Obama advisor pushes massive reparations for past slavery 
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    NEW VIDEO: top Obama advisor pushes massive reparations for past slavery

    TOP OBAMA ADVISER PUSHES MASSIVE REPARATIONS FOR PAST SLAVERY Thanks to audio of a top Obama adviser, Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, saying last weekend that Obama is "biracial," and thus by electing him white America won't be proving it's moved beyond racism, we already know there's lots that an Obama Administration will expect white Americans to do to atone for past racial sins. Summary and links to audio clips here:
    For blog coverage of Ogletree's "biracial" comment, and related comments at Harvard Law School's alumni weekend, see here:

    Given Ogletree's current notoriety, I thought I'd look through the "video vault" and see what I could find on him, and especially to see what Ogletree might have in mind in terms of how white Americans might be expected to atone for past racial sins. I found an interesting speech he gave in 2001, one month after 9/11, which you can view in its entirety (no chance of anything being taken out of context) here:
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    This is all very good information. I'm emailing it out.

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