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  1. #1 Thousands Of Votes Challenged-Voters May Have To Vote With 'Challenged' Ballot[Ga] 
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    Thousands Of Votes Challenged-Voters May Have To Vote With 'Challenged' Ballot[Ga][Noncitizens]

    Voters May Have To Vote With 'Challenged' Ballot

    ATLANTA -- Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel's office has sent letters to 4,770 registered voters who are believed to be noncitizens.

    Handel's office sent the letters on Wednesday to the voters whose citizenship has been questioned. They should receive the letters this week, telling them they may have to vote with a "challenged" paper ballot on Election Day.

    Handel's office verifies citizenship for people who want to vote.

    A three-judge federal panel ruled Monday that Georgia should have sought U.S. Justice Department approval before implementing a new process of using Social Security numbers and driver's license data to check voters' immigration status.

    The panel ordered Handel's office to come up with a way of notifying people whose status has been questioned and allowing them to vote in some way on Election Day.
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