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Yeah, because blacks voted 90% for Al Gore and John Kerry, for no other reason except that Gore and Kerry are black men.

Racist bastards.

They have always went Democrat for as long as they have been allowed to vote. The same is probably true of women too just not to that proportion. However there has never been a credible black candidate, thus I bet more blacks vote in this election by a wide margin when compared to previous elections.

99.99% will be for Obama and no one will be shocked as to why. People who are easily offended by the truth are weak. I end up discussing politics quite often I have yet to find an Obama supporter with any clue or substance in argument in person. But it is interesting to pint out that once you frag a few layers of bullshit arguments out of the way and force someone to spit out the truth of why they support him the argument stops dead. To end racism in America you have to do away with double-standards no ifs, ands, or buts.