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Obama is a good friend of anti-whtie, anti-jew whackjob FARRAKHAN. Yep. Yet another anti-white, anti-jewish person that he hangs with and takes advice from. According to a former aide of Farrakhan, Obama and Farrakhan have a hot line link that they regularly use in order to exchange strategies, etc.

Strategies ... on how to screw whitey.

Obama sits in the pews of an anti-white, anti-Jew cult for 20 years.
Obama was surrounded byanti-white, anti-jews for 20 years while there.
He hangs with PLO terrorists who are anti-Jew (you'd see the tape, but the LA times is hiding it).
He has Rev. WRight as a mentor and as an uncle of sorts - for 20 years.
He donates to organizations that are anti-white and anti-Jew.

WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA! Obama is a racist pig.