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    Quote Originally Posted by cat714 View Post
    Armed Man Waving Flag Shuts Down California Freeway

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. A man in a ski mask waved an American flag and a handgun on a freeway overpass for about three hours Monday morning, forcing a massive traffic shutdown before he surrendered.

    Police said crisis negotiators coaxed Edward Van Tassel, 28, to give up west of downtown Santa Barbara on Highway 101, a major route along the California coast. Traffic was jammed at least three miles in each direction.

    After dropping his weapon, Van Tassel asked for a Barack Obama campaign sign, which authorities delivered to him using a bomb squad robot, police said. The man attached the sign and the flag to the overpass and later walked backward to officers, who took him into custody.

    Full STory
    Note that the article doesn't mention that the flag was upside down, a distress warning, but also a common way that leftists display the flag when they want to make the point that they oppose some US policy. Also note that he was an Obama supporter, as per the sign that he put up on the overpass.
    Quote Originally Posted by jinxmchue View Post
    I wonder if the idiot made sure to vote first.
    If not, they'll get a ballot to his jail cell.
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