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If you are in Lancaster County, you will be terrifyingly near me. YIKES!!! If you want any tips on avoiding touristy commercialized places, let me know. I hope you get away from the tourism, and find little local places, which are the best, and not nearly as expensive.

Places like the Sales Stables, where all of the Amish, and others, sell, and buy livestock.. beautiful horses auctioned off, if you like that sort of thing. Local diners where you can eat good, greasy, for REALLY cheap. Great for breakfast. The BEST place that I know of to eat, if you want to sit down, and have a really good meal is with a local Amish family that will take you into their farm home, and sit down and eat with you, if they have time... the kids help to prepare and serve, etc. Like a family style meal, only this is not a restaurant.. it is pretty hush-hush, and they do not advertise at all. It is practically in my backyard, and they are not even in the phone book... mostly just word of mouth. They suggest a $14. donation, per person.. kids are less, I am sure. I am sure that you are free to tour the farm as well.

If you want any info.. just ask. If you have any questions at all, while you are here, I would be happy to give you my cell number. I hope you have a great time in Lancaster County, and Hershey, PA.

I have been going to conventions at the Host in Lancaster at least once a year for going on 10 years now.

it's always been one of my favorite places to go. We are unfortunately going to be hitting a lot of the "Touristy" things to amuse the kids, lol. After 10 years of avoidance I am finally getting dragged to Dutch Wonderland, lol! My favorite place to go out there is the family style resteraunt, (Lapps?) off of the main drag, where they pass the bowls around the table and everyone serves themselves. It's a traditional stop. :)