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Before the election, I had a discussion about it with a fairly racist person. He said that he was actually voting for Obama because he knew that as the first African-American president he wouldn't dare screw it up. Right or wrong, to some people, the reputation of all African-Americans rests on his shoulders.

I am hoping and praying that he really will be a good president, who really will try to make people from all political parties content during his presidency.
I had the same hope when David Dinkins was elected mayor of NYC. His failure was so obvious that a city with a 3:1 Democrat/Republican ratio voted him out for Giuliani four years later.
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As I suspected, for a lot on DU it was not so much about politics but about revenge. The fact that conservatives aren't crying in the street or jumping off of building over President-elect Obama is killing them. They are comming to the realization that the fact that a lot of republicans are willing to give the guy a chance shows just how truly small minded they are. If played right this could be even better than a win for McCain.
Of course. Being a liberal isn't about governing, it's about your making your personal feelings into political policy, and if we don't validate their victory with the same rage and sense of failure that they had for eight years, then it's no fun at all. That's the critical theme of a good bouncy story, not simply that they triumphed over a hated Republican, but that they established their virtue and proved their worth by being good liberals. They won't get anything out of conservatives who treat "their" president with a respect that they refused to give "our" president.