To Arms, World Citizens! To Arms!

The British have rejected the New World Order!

In a stunning upset of the forces of order and decency, the British have voted to exit the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron has conceded the vote, and, with a catch in his voice as he spoke at No. 10 Downing Street, announced his impending resignation by October.

It seems that knuckle-dragging nationalism is not just the province of the American provincials. A coalition of soccer hooligans, imperialists, hoidy-toidy aristocrats, greedy bourgeoisie, skin-heads, Christians, and persons-not-of-color have managed to pull off an obviously rigged victory in the referendum held on 23 June.

These selfish Britons have refused to open their borders to the peace-loving refugees fleeing the horrors of war currently disrupting the Religion of Peace. They have rejected the peaceful effort to bring the hard-working welfare recipients to their shores. They seem somehow reluctant to adopt sharia, undoubtedly due to their subconscious bent toward fascism.

The insensitive denizens of the Isles of Alba continue to cling to their roast beef (an obvious insult to their Hindu population), their morning fryup of bacon (a calculated slap in the face of Islam) and their pints of warm beer.

To add further insult to all right-minded people, they have rejected the wise counsel of our beloved President, Barack Obama, who warned them that if they were naughty and tried to reclaim their sovereignty from Brussels, they would face immediate financial ruin because the U.S. does not make trade deals with single nations.

Their defiance of goodness knows no bounds: they even defied the edict issued by benevolent billionaire George Soros, the Man Who Broke the Bank of England with his currency manipulation in 1992. Soros has predicted dire consequences for the nation that defies his imperial ambition to create a One World government.

The British refuse to pay their fair share of Greek bills, the swine. Pulling out of the European Union also destroys a cornerstone of French national defense: their willingness to defend France to the last drop of British blood.

Far more dangerous than this, though, is the example they have set. Already the right-wing nationalist fascists are sharpening their claws and calculating their strikes to demand their own referenda regarding E.U. Membership.