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  1. #1 My first OP will be my last, in honor of Tim Russert 
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    Long term exposure to DU is hazardous to your health and social life

    XtraProudDem (107 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 01:05 AM
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    My first OP will be my last, in honor of Tim Russert
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    I've been lurking on DU for about five years now, and just began participating in late 2006. I think I have about 80 or so posts, but no original posts - until this one.

    I've seen some pretty ugly stuff on this site in the past five years, but I think it takes an extraordinary amount of callousness to suggest that it's out of line for NBC News/MSNBC to spend a few days paying tribute to their leader, the late Tim Russert.

    I'd like for those who are so disturbed by the tribute to take a moment and imagine one of their co-workers collapsing on the job from a fatal heart attack. Imagine what it would feel like to know that there was nothing that you could do to help him. Imagine knowing that the assistance that his expertise provided you on a daily basis - the assistance that you counted on to get your own work accomplished - would disappear forever. If you worked in television news and this happened in your office, what would you do?

    There have been many people who have said things like "I feel for his family, but I don't like his politics." These people don't know shit about Tim Russert's politics. He was a professional journalist, and asking difficult questions and holding people's feet to the fire was his job, no matter who was sitting in the opposite chair. Do I think he should have done more to expose the people that have nearly destroyed this country? Sure I do. Do I think he should have played the tape of Senator Obama leading the Senate in the Pledge Of Allegiance and shut down the flag pin controversy once and for all? Sure I do.

    We don't know what Tim Russert's party affiliation was. He was most likely a Democrat, given his upbringing and his early professional career. It was his job to be unbiased. Those who think he was a "GOP water carrier" are delusional. The guy had class, and he did everything he could to remain objective and neutral. Maybe he didn't always succeed. Would you have always succeeded?

    I read Tim Russert's first book, Big Russ and Me. It's an excellent book. It's very touching, and it has a lot of background information that explains where he was coming from on a personal and a professional level. It touched me personally because I was born in Buffalo, too. Those of us from Buffalo tend to defend each other. That should be easy for anyone to understand.

    A lot of us here on DU look up to Keith Olbermann, as do I. Keith looked up to Tim Russert, and considered him to be a professional inspiration and a good friend. I'm sure Keith knows Russert's character better than any of us do.

    I'm going to hang out here on DU for a few more days, and then I think I'm out of here. Why? Friday, while talking to a good friend (a progressive friend) about Tim Russert's death, we started talking about who might replace Russert on Meet The Press. My friend suggested David Gregory. I immediately started going on about how Gregory was a hack, a republican enabler that danced on a stage with Karl Rove - all stuff I read about here on DU. My friend looked at me like I had lost my mind. Then later that evening I watched David Gregory on television, talking about what his friend Tim meant to him, while fighting back tears. There's nothing wrong with David Gregory - he's just a guy trying to do his job - much like you or me. My friend is right - sometimes I do act like I've lost my mind. I think this place is making me mean.

    I'm sure that further down this page I'll be accused of being a "repug" and a "concern troll," whatever the hell that is. I know that no one cares if I ever post again. But one thing is certain - I don't want to be associated with any group of people who think it's appropriate to tell me or anyone else how to mourn, or for how long.
    To be fair, quite a few applauded the OP and agreed with it. But then the hostile, perpetually angry basement dwellers are much more entertaining.

    Skittles (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 01:11 AM
    Response to Original message
    2. WTF?
    do you think none of us have ever lost coworkers before? It's fine for them to tribute Mr. Russert but the non-stop cannonization is OVERKILL. And Gregory IS a hack.
    discerning christian (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 02:32 AM
    Response to Reply #38
    41. No......I don't think I did.
    Who's point do you think I missed? Your's or the OP's? I happen to agree with her(or him). If you don't care to watch something, change the channel. Just the way we put someone on "ignore" here. It's not the only news channel.
    Bleachers7 (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 12:56 PM
    Response to Reply #2
    100. Change the channel
    If you don't like it, don't watch.
    Kickin_Donkey (796 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 02:05 AM
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    32. Just another Buffalonian (or whatever you call yourselves) ...
    going gaga over a celebrity from Buffalo. Pretty worthless post. Another deifier/emoter.

    He was indeed a water carrier for the GOP. If you don't believe that, you're the delusional one. There's plenty of documented evidence. You obviously don't read much.

    But, oh, you'd rather blubber on about the big Russ book and stick your head in the sand about Timmy's enabling of bush.

    And David Gregory's now a good guy, in your eyes, because he teared up over Timmy? With that kind of intellect, you're better off in the other party

    Number23 (257 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 06:31 AM
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    47. I really liked your post
    I think this place is making me mean.

    How sweet and innocent you sound. I think the difference between you and maybe a few folks on here is that you actually HAVE friends in the real world who will look at you like you've lost your mind for spouting off some of the nonsense that occurs on DU so frequently.

    There's an awful lot of good discussion around here, but when I come across some profanity-ladden stupidity (and there's plenty of that sometimes too), I just shake my head and say "that poor person. They obviously have no friends." Kind of the same thing I do when I see a woman in green eyeshadow or wearing a tube top 4 sizes too small.
    trumad (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 07:54 AM
    Response to Original message
    48. You do realize that the name "Big Russ" was created for the book.
    Yeah---nobody ever called Russert's Dad Big Russ before the book came out.

    Look--- you sound like a nice person....but God Damn it, do some reading on Russert. Do some reading on Gregory....just do some damn reading and get your head out of the sand. If that sounds mean----well----just call it tough love.

    If you don't wake up and understand that these media hacks are a true danger to our society, then you're no better than the typical moran American.

    Here's some reading material if you want to start removing your head from the sand:
    XtraProudDem (107 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 08:48 AM
    Response to Reply #48
    54. The Daily Howler?
    Please. I read this stuff. It looks like over-analysis by a guy who just doesn't like Russert to me.

    That link doesn't search the web, it searches The Daily Howler. Click on the link everyone, and see it.

    You gotta be kidding with that link.

    I've read the criticism about Russert. He wasn't perfect. He pissed me off too sometimes. My head is out of the sand, thank you.
    trumad (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 12:56 PM
    Response to Reply #54
    99. You're a fool---scratch that---an ignorant fool.
    For you to dismiss Bob Somerby of the Daily Howler means you are a mental midget who really should go find another forum to display your ignorance.
    SparkyMac (252 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 08:13 AM
    Response to Original message
    49. Great post ! I'm surprised you weren't "toombstoned".
    tabasco (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 09:35 AM
    Response to Original message
    60. "he did everything he could to remain objective and neutral."

    Acting as Cheney's mouthpiece was a strange way of trying to be neutral.

    Educate yourself or be foolish.
    proud2Blib (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 10:46 AM
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    65. I will accuse you of being uninformed
    Here - watch Moyers (a truly GREAT journalist) had Russert his ass on a platter over his reports in the lead up to the war:
    librechik (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 12:08 PM
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    81. so long--glad you enjoyed your stay here
    or not--

    It takes a different sort to live Underground. Braver, less conformist. More open to ideas others reject without thinking.

    Sorry you didn't fit in. I know you tried.
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    And it goes on and on:

    greyhound1966 (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 12:13 PM
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    84. Rarely have I seen so many inaccuracies, half-truths and outright lies packed into one post.
    Congratulations, now you can go back to your buddies and talk about what you got away with here.
    Raster (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 12:24 PM
    Response to Reply #84
    85. No kidding. My bullshit detector hit redline the first read through.
    notsodumbhillbilly (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 12:43 PM
    Response to Reply #84
    96. Hear, hear!
    Sounds like it came from the latest DLC talking points memo.
    XtraProudDem (107 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 02:38 PM
    Response to Reply #96
    128. DLC?
    It's so easy for some of you to start shouting "DLC!!! DLC!!" every time you read a post you don't like.

    And very predictable and tiresome.

    Have you ever even seen a "DLC talking points memo?"
    XtraProudDem (107 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 02:35 PM
    Response to Reply #84
    125. "What I got away with?"
    What on Earth does THAT mean?
    BlooInBloo (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 01:22 PM
    Response to Original message
    105. Your concern is noted.
    XtraProudDem (107 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 02:45 PM
    Response to Reply #105
    130. Ahh...there it is...
    The "concern troll" accusation.

    I knew it was coming.
    specimenfred1984 (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 01:24 PM
    Response to Original message
    106. Good, I don't want to be associated with brainwased propaganda tools either
    Welcome to iggy
    XtraProudDem (107 posts) Sun Jun-15-08 04:24 PM
    Response to Reply #106
    147. Wow!
    I was "ignored" for this post?

    Seems like an over-reaction, but okay...whatever.
    TheGoldenRule (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-15-08 04:23 PM
    Response to Original message
    146. Why would you lurk for 5 years?
    Edited on Sun Jun-15-08 04:59 PM by TheGoldenRule

    <wtf smilie>
    p.s. Many people around here can see through you.

    p.s.s. FYI- Only freepers lurk.
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    Great find!

    Hats off to the OP for such a rational post and having the good sense to leave DU.
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    Imagine what kind of lives people like "trumad" and the others would lead if they didn't have something like to DU to make them mistakenly feel that their shallow, worthless opinions actually mattered. As I said on an earlier post about their reaction to Russert's death, that's what happens when the only passion you can get up in your life is a tepid, half hearted absorbtion with politics.

    And it's even more sad that in the one thing they've chosen to be the focus of their existence, they're narrow minded and misinformed. Poor things.
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