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  1. #1 Thousands protest Prop. 8 outside Mormon temple in Westwood 
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    Santa Monica Boulevard is closed to traffic near the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as gay-marriage proponents march against Tuesday's vote. Live video

    "Wall To Wall Mad Queers !"

    Propositions Precincts reporting: ~100.0%
    1A: High-speed rail Yes 52.1% No 47.9%
    2: Farm animals Yes 63.1% No 36.9%
    3: Children’s hospitals Yes 54.8% No 45.2%
    4: Abortion notification Yes 48.0% No 52.0%
    5: Drug offenses Yes 40.1% No 59.9%
    6: Criminal justice Yes 30.8% No 69.2%
    7: Renewable energy Yes 35.2% No 64.8%
    8: Gay marriage ban Yes 52.5% No 47.5%
    9: Victims’ rights Yes 53.5% No 46.5%
    10: Alternative fuels Yes 40.3% No 59.7%
    11: Redistricting Yes 50.6% No 49.4%
    12: Loans for veterans Yes 63.5% No 36.5%
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    Most could care less what the sicko's do in their own room.

    This vote was an in-your-face-smack-down of the loud and proud clan; for the THIRD time.

    For the third time CA has sent gavin's buddies packing. Millions and millions of votes.

    So march away.

    Your liberal judges can't save you now. You get nothing.
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    You know, I had this naive assumption that if i am Baptist or Mormon or Hindoo or whatever, I could say whatever i felt was appropriate about what I believe to be true......

    Perhaps I am mistaken....:eek:
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!
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    You are very much mistaken my heretical friend. Remind me to send you some brochures.

    Anyway, now the opposition is trying to say that the amendment is unconstitutional's not an amendment. They say it fundamentally alters the structure of the constitution and is therefore unconstitutional. So it turns out that we can't say, write, or pantomime what we believe, think, or want because that would be unconstitutional.

    Goddam Bubba, don't you know how these people don't think yet?
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