Not one penny for liberals:eek:

I've had two epiphanies in my life, the first came in my early twenties when I turned against my fundamentalist Christian upbringing. I admit this was more of a rebellion against the strict moral code of conduct rather than an ideological awakening, however over time I rationalized and validated my reasons for disbelief. I am comfortable with my religious views, or lack thereof, if not always comforted.

My second awakening of sorts started when I moved to California and saw liberalism in action. It has been a gradual process over the past couple of years but watching the election this year has really brought things into focus.

In our politics there is no integrity, no honesty, no reason, no consistency, no character. There is only the ignorant masses and those who manipulate them.

From top to bottom, the Obama campaign was one of the most disgusting episodes in American political history. From Acorn vote fraud, to Obama not being a natural born citizen, from Aunti to Ayers, from the massive amounts of untraceable donations, from the 'civilian defense force' to the Maliki suprise, from Gaza phonebanks to bankrupting coal, from the race card to the soviet flags; this campaign has been nothing but an exercise in democrat hypocrisy, aided and abetted by a socialist media and carried on the shoulders of a selfish, valueless, and ignorant populace.

Looking at what America has already become, not to mention what it will be after 4 years of Obamapelosi, I have no hope. This country is nearly done. Perhaps that it is a bit melodramatic, I have no plans at this time to cease being a law abiding citizen and am not willing to surrender just yet. But I have started taking steps to 'go John Galt' and I am curious as to if any of you have any suggestions or links to ways I can avoid putting one GOD DAMN cent of my money in a liberal mouth. I am currently limited in the fact that I cannot move out of California for at least a year or so.

This is what I do so far: I do not spend any money on movies, cd's, dvd's or any other trash that comes out of Hollywood. I watch very little TV and less of the major networks. When online, I visit CNN or MSNBC as little as possible.

I've always been a buy American kind of person to keep jobs here, but (and I think I got this idea here at FR) if I am going to be enriching communists with my purchases anyway, I may as well get my items for the lowest possible price. WALMART here I come.

I am tired of placing my assets in a monetary system that charges me money to protect them, will not protect me against ID theft by illegals, and which devalues my earnings through the uncontrolled printing of money. I have begun withdrawing my money slowly and placing it in shall we say, more tangible commodities.

I have ceased frequenting all of the major fast food chains due to their hiring of illegal immigrants and the fact that I can barely place an order due to the fact that their employees cannot speak English.

I buy very few 'toy' items and use what things I do purchase for as long as possible.

Are there any websites that promote conservative produced items or companies? I would love to hear if any of you have any gameplan for keeping your money out of the mouths of the moochers. Also, my current financial institution is WaMu (aka Morgan), I cannot completely remove all funds from the system, so is there any bank out there that does not traffic with illegals or give money to democrats?