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I Need DU Help for an Upcoming Argument with my Rethug Stepmom

So I went to the Orioles game today for Father's Day with my dad, stepmom, and sister. It was a good time, a fun, game, and we went for dinner afterwards. Now I know that my dad and stepmom are both Republican, and we're usually are pretty civil in our discussions, especially when it comes to my dad. But ever since my sis and I began openly and vigorously supporting Barack Obama, it definitely has seemed to irk both of them a bit, my stepmom and particular. And I got a preview of how the upcoming election season is gonna go at dinner after the game.

Now lemme preface this by saying I love all of my parents, Mom, Dad, and Stepmom. They're all amazing people. But my stepmom is one of those people who adamantly believes she is right and refuses to believe otherwise unless absolutely, 100% proven wrong. So as the conversation turned to politics, she said that she felt weird because she felt that Hillary was the best suited of the 3 final candidates (she hates the Clintons with a passion). She said this is because she is "the evil we know" and McCain and Obama are both "scary." Here's the interesting part: I asked why she considered Obama to be scary and her response was "because he is against everything that your life is based on." The broadness of the statement took me back a bit. While I was considering my retort, we were interrupted by a couple of her friends from work who randomly showed up at the restaurant. By the time they finished talking the subject was dropped (which is good, cause my dad was beginning to look worried that his Father's Day was about to be ruined haha). But with election day still 5 months away, I know it'll come up again and I want to be prepared.

So my question to you guys is, what do you think she meant by Obama being "against everything your life was based on"? I assume she meant economically, as she's actually not all that far right on ethical issues, but I don't know for sure. Now I know Obama's policies pretty well, but I'll admit I don't know his stance on every single subject. Is there actually something behind this argument, or is she just talking out of her ass. For reference, our family is middle class, maybe slightly leaning upwards but not by much. My sis and I live with my mom, who makes about $60,000 a year, in a suburban area. I just graduated from a good liberal arts college and am on the hunt for a job and an apartment, and my sis just finished her first year at a different one. But if it wasn't for loans and scholarships, it's doubtful we could've gone there.We both went to private Catholic grade and high schools. I don't know how much my dad and stepmom make, but I'm sure they each make more than what my mom does, maybe considerably. But they certainly don't make 6 figures each or anything like that. They live in their own house, again in a suburban area.

So looking at that story, I don't see anything that would be negatively effected by an Obama presidency. The only thing I can possibly think is that my dad and stepmom just barely fall into the bracket of the Bush tax cuts, but I don't think they make that much even combined. So I'm stumped here, and I need help from my fellow DUers in the form of

1. Is there anything at all to her statement at all that I should know of, so I'm not blindsided? Any Obama policy that could negatively effect a family in our situation?


2. Any ideas for a counter-argument I can throw back at her if she uses that line again.

Thanks guys!
Ummm... she's already said Dad & Step Mom are Republicans. So my guess is, they understand that the socialism BO is promising will only make people more dependent on government, JMO. Sounds like Step Mom understands socialism and marxism(which is what I classify BO as) fail everywhere it's been tried.