Supporters of President-Elect Barack Obama today expressed outrage at being informed, apparently for the first time, their children will have to provide community service to the tune of 50 or 100 hours per year for the common good and no pay.

This is news to me. What else is there we don't know about? What does he think this is, Russia?"

We caught up with 2 supporters who are ardent backers of Obama to discuss this issue with them.

Cleotus Jones and his wife La'quin'ta Williams-Smith-Jones were surprised by this new development.

Said Cleotus, "Man, where did this come from? He told us he was gonna give us free money for gas, rent, food, utilities and spendin money and now we gonna have to have this community service thing? How much do it pay? We ain't gonna do nothin for no chump change." Continuing on he said, "We's po folks. We ain't got but one wide-screen HDTV cause we can't afford nothin else and my kids have to wear last years Nikes. I can't find no job so I just been layin around for the last 2 years. My 17 year old is gonna graduate from middle school this year and he owes 50 hours? How's he gonna get there? My older son, 23 years old, will graduate from high school and he owes 100 hours and they expect to have them do this for free? Man, this is America, we don't do nothin for free."

We informed them that it is required. If they don't conform, there will be fines involved although no one knows how much. Cleotus ended the conversation by saying, "Man, I wish someone had told me this before I voted. I didn't know nothin about it."

Sadly, "Yes We Can" will change to "Yes You Will" and is coming to light for millions of Obama supporters who fell for the rhetoric and oratory from someone as skilled as a Sunday preacher. They blindly pulled the lever without bothering to look at what the man stands for. These include soccer moms, already stretched to the limit with their kids activities including soccer, little league and dance and piano lessons who were completely unaware of this little provision that came with electing Barack. Said one who wished to remain anonymous, "