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    Quote Originally Posted by Retread View Post
    My dad taught me to always freeze, skim and repeat before ever serving.
    Learned that from my mother.

    Add enough water to thin the cooked chili. What to look for: the top of the chili should have a layer of water on it with the chili below that...remember oils (fat) floats on water. Now chill down in fridge or some bags of ice or put in freezer. The cooling brings the oils to the surface.

    Doing this lets you buy meat with a higher fat content, thus more flavor, the fat will render out in the cooling leaving behind the essence, skim it off and reheat and enjoy a low fat version with ALL the taste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elspeth View Post
    If I ever make chili, I'll know what thread to go to.

    (I remember this thread, especially the part about the wine.)
    Mercy! I can't believe this thread even came up again. But was pleased to see it anyway.

    I've been making chili a bit longer than discovering both the taste and *benefits* (can you believe?) of drinking red wine.

    (Years ago I helped make, and had to freeze enough chili (in 3 batches) to feed 200 people for a Conservative function at the time. I can, and do, almost make the stuff in my sleep!)

    Let ya go, thanks for coming in ...

    And once again, just pretend this is Merlot!

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