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    These next 4 years are going to be hilarious. I have said, "It was WHITE people who elected Obama, you nimrods, dozens of time already." It is like a bucket of cold water every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LogansPapa View Post
    But I guess that slate's clean now. Somehow.
    Sounds to you like there is no way it could ever be. Forty acres and a mule or not. Pity.

    Don't fret. I'm sure there are those that will continue to drag around the mistakes of the past to somehow validate the misfortunes in their present. Except that the number of deaf ears will make them increasingly irrelevant.

    I wonder if trickle-down change is practical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LogansPapa View Post
    No one understands anything about the previous waves of history. The prices paid. The lives taken for things. The resources squandered over the last 250 years.

    We're still riding those waves - albeit completely ignorant of their effects.

    Just like people that are beginning to disregard the lives, deaths, and hearts torn from people to save the world from its worst monsters in WWII.

    Our country now feels quite comfortable about taking for granted the things and opportunities placed at our feet every day - paid for by people being driven from their dirt and others used like beasts of burden.

    But I guess that slate's clean now. Somehow.
    Throw that yoke off brother.

    Free your mind, your ass will follow.

    You can be free. You need not feel that weight of guilt for something you never did again! He is risen. The time is upon you.


    "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." -Barack Hussein Obama
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