The Obama administration is already hearing demands from far Left groups looking to tear down our America and re- make it into a gray faceless Soviet style “socialist people’s paradise.” Their demands will be heard and be met.

They will force openly gay volunteers to be accepted in our military.

They will wipe away remaining prohibitions against felons voting, something this column warned about in 2000.

Abortions up to partial birth will be paid for by “free” government medical programs. Infanticide will be “rare but legal” as it will be presented in Obama-speak.

Imaginary pay inequities will be “fixed” at the expense of actual productivity.

Gay “marriage” will be made the law of the land by executive order.

To legitimize it, the National Gay, Lesbian Task Force will be quoted daily.

Demands on America’s socialist administration are coming from beyond our shores.

Already the Chinese are “urging” Americans to “alter [our] lifestyles” and not let a little thing like a recession stop America from living up to the Kyoto Treaty we have repudiated and have not responsibilities toward.

The Chinese are already lecturing Barack Obama to abandon our “unsustainable way of life” and spend our money on fixing the imaginary global warming hoax.

Emboldened by the election of an American socialist, the Chinese “proposed” that rich nations spend one percent of our wealth cleaning up their climatic messes while they spend their money on weapons to destroy us.

Already, the Chinese are using phrases like “obligation to respond to global climate change” and “unsustainable way of life” to give the oh- so- willing Barack Obama his orders.

Those who giddily voted for change will get it very soon. The problem is, so will those of us wise enough to think before handing our lives over to a socialist “community organizer.”