General Goes Rogue, Reveals ‘Demoralizing’ Experience He Endured Under Obama
Behind closed doors, things were must worse than any of us could've ever imagined.

Throughout his presidency, Obama has made his disdain for our military men and women blatantly clear. Whether it’s skipping funerals of high-ranking military officers to play golf, refusing to return a salute, or using our Marines as his his personal umbrella boys, the list of his deliberate insults is quite extensive. But behind closed doors, things were must worse than any of us could’ve ever imagined. A retired officer is speaking out about the deplorable treatment he endured under Obama, now that he is out of the military and free to speak candidly, without fear of retaliation.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Norman Ham was one of the officers on the ground in Benghazi that fateful night, and decided to go rogue and ignore Hillary and Obama’s stand down order to surrender control of the area to Al Qaeda terrorists and leave our men in Benghazi to die. Upon receiving an order he felt was unlawful, General Ham made the unilateral decision on his own to deploy special operations teams to rescue our men, but was immediately arrested by his second in command and relieved of duty. Now that Gen. Ham has retired from the military, he’s coming forward with the demoralizing experience he endured, speaking openly about issues he had serving under Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

“Now that I don’t have to be politically correct anymore,” he told the host, “it was demoralizing to work for Obama.”


It’s greatly disturbing that our highest ranking military officials are treated in such an abominable fashion by Obama, living in constant fear that their careers will be cut short if they don’t comply with president’s commands. Gen. Ham should be hailed a hero. He knew that leaving our men in Benghazi to die was not a lawful order, and went against Obama’s commands that night, which in the end cost him his career.

Hopefully those of you still serving in the military will follow Gen. Ham’s example and always remember that the oath you took when you joined the military was not to the president, but to defend the Constitution of the Untied States, defending it against not just foreign enemies, but domestic ones as well. Once you realize like I did that you’re serving under a domestic terrorist, it’s time to hang up the uniform and get out.