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    I was SUPPOSED to be finishing up damage assessment on the flooding in Jefferson WI today and then out-processing from the headquarters in Madison this afternoon. I worked the last 8 days straight going all over the state and doing DA and living out of an issued Toyota Rav4 that after a solid week of tramping about hauling me and our field teams, frankly smelled like stale river water and ass with just a piquant hint of old fast food for variety. Eight to ten hours of day living out of that thing and driving into flood zones and detailing damage to residential structures.

    Last... Christ, Thursday?, whatever day we got the second round of huge storms here, we finished up Sauk county and I cut the team I was supervising and my partner loose to go home and then called in to see if I could head for the barn. They asked me to head up to the county emergency operations center 45 minutes north to check in with them before I came back.

    Driving rain and absolute crap road conditions. Standing water just starting to rise in Baraboo when I was leaving and I came around a curve on the road for home doing 45-48 mph with a truck in front of me and a car riding my tail and found myself in about 2 feet of surging water. I had the lovely choice of either hitting the breaks and getting rear ended in the surge or punching it and trying to get through without rear ending the panel truck in front of me if he decided to stop. Made it through the flash flooding, but the water was even with the top of the hood at the worst and I could FEEL the damn vehicle slipping right slightly with the current. 3 minutes after that the radio announced that the highway was closed due to flash flooding. Would have been useful to know before heading for home and hitting that curve, lol.

    The family has been going nuts because I was home a bare ten or eleven days after being gone all of May before the deployed me for this.

    My daughter got a cold and woke up trying to expel her lungs this morning right about the time that my wife tells me that the hot water heater has gone tits up. 1200$ complete with installation for a new 50 gallon model which they will be bringing... Tomorrow. So cold showers tonight. Greater Joy. Plus the girl child is leaving for two weeks of summer camp tomorrow with a cold.

    I walked in this morning and when I told them I needed to get out as soon as possible after completing the three hours or so of DA left on the city I worked yesterday, they ordered me to outprocess immediately and go home to take care of things. Which was nice of them considering how strapped they are for personnel right now. Little She Who Must Be Obeyed is actually doing okay... just a summer cold. But I was halfway home when the stomach bug from Gawd knows what from the last week kicked in for me. Either the lousy food or the lousy water or a bit of microbiological fun from all the junk in the flood water I have been wading through.

    So I am flaking out a little right now letting the medicine catch up before doing laundry and hitting the grocery store before making dinner and doing dishes.

    And the fun part is that after working a week on the flooding north of here for the state headquarters set up in Madison, the rivers that run through the three major cities in our local chapter area are going to be cresting midweek at about 4-5 feet above flood stage. So I've got about two days before I will be working in my own back yard, so to speak, helping with diaster relief in our Red Cross chapter's home town. Our office building in Beloit is sandbagged and flooding in the basement already. We hope that the main office north of there is going to avoid the same.

    Someone send an Ark please.
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