My wife and I are in the process of buying a new house (I'll get pictures eventually), and we get to pick out light fixtures for the whole house (eep.)

Anyway, we're considering putting in CFL bulbs in the fixtures which will take them (so not dimmers or such), and I'm curious if anyone else has used them? I have seen complaints of "humming" or "unnatural" light from them, but I'd be interested in a first hand account. If you have CFL bulbs, do you like them?

This is by no means a "save us Reverand Gore" crusade, the data says they're cheaper in the long run, and save on energy bills. Most importantly, our Church has a recycling program for CFL bulbs, so disposal wouldn't be an issue. I looked into solid state lighting, but the bulbs are prohibitively priced, even if they would save money in the long run. Also, solid state light bulbs usually need specific fixtures, so i wouldn't be able to change them out later (without difficulty).

Any experiences anyone would like to share?