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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
    Here's the Wikipedia entry on Bash Back:

    In other words, these are people who see themselves as an elite, leftist vanguard that looks down its nose at gays who don't reject America. They aren't Christians, and in fact, hold Christians and other religious people in utter contempt, as demonstrated by their conduct at the church. Their response to disagreement is to confront, disrupt and threaten. BTW, if that sounds familiar, it should. This outfit was formed in Chicago in 2007. Anyone want to bet that they have ties to ACORN?
    how many times do I have to say that this group is bad and what they did was wrong? AGAIN - separate the behavior from the attraction. Behavior - BAD. Attraction- not bad.
    Stand up for what is right, even if you have to stand alone.
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    I pass this church 4-5 times every month.

    I know some of the people who worship there. I will have to ask them what they hell happened.
    I long for the days when our President actually liked our country.
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