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  1. #1 'World's prettiest dog' becomes social media sensation because of her gorgeous hair 
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    By Helena Horton

    23 October 2016 • 11:33am

    Tea the Afghan Hound has been named the world's prettiest dog by adoring fans who love her luscious locks.

    The 'supermodel' dog from Sydney became an overnight social media sensation due to her glossy hair.

    She is a highly decorated show dog and well-admired in those circles but had never before experienced such social media fame.

    Her owner, Luke Kavanagh, posted a picture of her on Facebook and was surprised when it got scores of likes and shares.

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    I can't even imagine all the work keeping that dog groomed. Personally, I love dogs like the greyhound, short hair that only needs an occasional brushing and just keeping the nails trimmed.

    Eons ago had schnauzers and resolved to never again have dogs that needed a lot of grooming. Those afghan hounds are beautiful, but like those easier dogs. SR really likes the treeing walker coonhound that followed him home in Florida. That breed might be our next dog (or a companion for Bella).

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    I love all dogs, including the one that is allegedly the prettiest. I disagree with that judgment, though, I don't think that dog is prettier than other dogs.

    Good thing my dog is trying to be the funniest dog instead of the prettiest! She's cute, but she doesn't care if she gets dirty chasing squirrels or birds. She thinks she's the most clever dog that ever lived, which makes her pretty hilarious.
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    At the other end of the spectrum, you had to know there'd be a contest like this. Here's their page of past "winners". It looks like Chinese Crested and mixes are particularly ill-favored favorites in that contest.

    BTW, despite the description of Petaluma as a "coastal" town, it's about 20 miles from the coast, with substantial hills in between.
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