Linda numbers' post in another thread about men and hats got me thinking about chivalry. Is it still alive? Should it be? If you're a man, do you practice it? If you're a woman do you accept it, expect it?

It used to be that if a woman walked over to a table to sit down, the men would all stand until she was seated, and at least one or two would assist with pulling the chair out for her. I generally find now that of a table of 6, one will make at least a half-hearted effort to pull the chair out for the lady...the other 5 will not stop shoveling the mashed potatoes in their mouths long enough to notice.

Opening car doors? I'm okay with a man opening the car door for me (assuming he is driving) as long as I'm getting in the car. But really, does he expect me to sit there all helpless and wait for him to walk around and open the door for me when I'm getting out?

I used to not wait for a man to open other doors for me. Just habit (and the fact that my peer group generally didn't do such niceties). I've been scolded enough about my quick pace (and allegedly my pace would get even quicker as I approached doors) to now be able to smoothly wait and allow the door to be opened for me.

Holding my coat for me to get into. I hate that. Most men do not have the ability to angle it properly to actually "help" me on with my coat and there's then nothing smooth about the gesture. I prefer to put my coat on myself.

Lighting of the cigarette. I like long as the man knows how to do it...and doesn't have the letter set super high because he's a cigar smoker (yes, I have some experience with this and the singed eyebrows to prove it).

So...where do you all stand on chivalry?