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  1. #1 Thug Knocks Out Woman Because She Asked How To Make Pie 
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    I’m not sure why a Mississippi woman thought that a black thug was the best person to ask about making pie, but she certainly didn’t expect to get knocked out cold because of it. In case Black Lives Matter is wondering why the rest of the country has a hard time embracing their message, it’s senseless acts of black-on-black violence like this that makes it seem insincere.

    News 5 reports that Nia Jones was at a Kroger store in Southhaven, MS shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. She was in the baking aisle with a friend, and neither knew how to make a pumpkin pie. Instead of pulling up a recipe on the Internet, they decided to ask a big hulking mean-looking son-of-a-bitch.

    “It’s a question. It’s a simple question. ‘Do you know how to make a pie?’ You’re on the baking aisle of Kroger,” said. Jones.

    The man just looked at the women with disgust and walked away. He was screaming expletives down the aisle when he turned back around and came at the women.

    “He shoved my friend and the other lady into the shelves. And he turned around and sucker punched me,” said Jones.

    Jones was punched once in the chest and two times in the face. She was knocked unconscious
    Further down

    Actually, there is some outrage. Jones’ mother is furious, not at the guy who knocked out her daughter, but at the Kroger staff for not stopping this asshole from assaulting her.

    “How did they let this happen? If there was already a scene that was created, a commotion created. It was loud. Why didn’t someone address the gentleman at the time?” Stacey Rochell, Jones’ mother, asked
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    Kroger employees now have to be bouncers?

    This is not a civil lawsuit case, although my guess is that Kroger will settle out of court to avoid bad publicity. It is a criminal case against the guy who assaulted them.
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