A large truck has stormed through a Christmas market in the German capital of Berlin killing 12 people and injuring many others. A 23-year-old recent migrant has been released after police concluded he was not a suspect, and officers are now hunting a Tunisian immigrant.

UPDATE 14.30 GMT — Statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

I express my gratitude to the Italian authorities and police, and for our close collaboration. I wish the police officer who was injured in the shooting a speedy recovery.

Security officers work together across borders and terrorism is a challenge for all of us. It is good to know that we are very determined in Europe and beyond to fight it. The grief and sympathy for those killed injured goes far beyond Germany.

The investigation is not yet over. In Berlin, the intelligence bureau will be investigating. I know we will not rest until we know who had possibly helped [Anis Amri]. We will take on Islamist terrorism