July 24

1861 - At Fort Fillmore, AZ, Lt. Col. John Robert Baylor led 300 men of the Confederate Second Texas Mounted Rifles in an assault on Union forces under Maj. Isaac Lynde.

1880 - The town of Kyle was established. David E. Moore and Fergus Kyle deeded 200 acres for a townsite to the International-Great Northern Railroad.

1893 - Josephine Lucchese was born in San Antonio. She was known in Europe as the "American Nightingale."

1917 - Near Houston, construction of Camp Logan began. The site was eventually used to create Memorial Park.

2010 - The Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame officially opened in Fort Worth. It had been in Belton, TX, for 35 years.

Texas Quote

My favorite place in Texas is Lubbock. Mostly because Lubbock, like Popeye the Sailor, is what it is.
- Molly Ivins