When the Watergate burglars bungled their 1972 caper to steal documents from the Democratic National Committee, the initial reaction of the Nixon administration to suggestions that it was somehow also involved was: “garbage.” Turns out it wasn’t garbage: it was truth and resignation igniter fluid.

When the Drudge Report first broke the story that a White House intern - Monica Lewinsky - had been illicitly “involved” with the president, then William Jefferson Clinton, the Clinton administration’s initial response was that the story was: “garbage.”

Indeed, an independent prosecutor was appointed and a grand jury empanelled.

When White House Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta was called in June 1998 to testify before the grand jury looking into the issue of Clinton’s extreme mentoring of the female intern,

his lawyer assured everyone that Podesta’s grand jury testimony (i.e., a statement given under oath and upon penalty of perjury) “…

fully supported the president’s forceful denials of any improper conduct.” And yes, Virginia, this is the same John Podesta who now heads up BH Obama’s transition team… how insightful of you.

Turns out the Lewinsky story and Clinton’s false testimony relating to it wasn’t garbage either, but instead, impeachment material.

Now, faced with multiple lawsuits on various fronts challenging BH Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution to hold the office of the president - the most recent one filed in California by former Ambassador and 2000 presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes - the flippant pronouncement of BH Obama spokesmen is: “garbage.”Ummm… anyone see a pattern here? Any cause and effect link between “big problem for politician” and the reflexive labeling of the problem by his sycophants as “garbage”?

The simplest way for BH Obama to disprove the claim that he is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by the Constitution would be for him to authorize full and complete disclosure of his actual birth records - not just doctored images on a website - and wherever they may be located, to allow their examination by independent experts, not just reporters for a mainstream media whose pronouncements on the matter up to now have been - let us be polite here - somewhat less than objective.

Thus far, he has adamantly refused to do so and a once-vigilant, but now subservient MSM has refused to even suggest that he do otherwise. What the heck does he have to hide? And they wonder why the lawsuits keep coming? snip